Design it Tasteful & Creatively, Craft it with Precision, Build it to Endure.

Lorin Friesen of Lorin Designs for Flowbuilt.

Modeling Futurism

Creating Lasting Strength

Energy Complete Construction

Exploring to discern beauty, the best of shapes amongst the not so likable.

Material structures should be applied to perform at their best, exterior vs interior & in between.

Energy dissipates yet should not be given to simply evaporate anymore.

Americanization, Exploration, Continued Innovation, Freedom, Inventive Nature,  Capitalism, Making it Work Well

Precision craft, mass production, advanced structures with amazing longevity, providing new means for a much better world.

Flowbuilt Builds the Best, Providing Future ways to Craft,

Established for Fashioning the Designs by Others.

Tomorrow begins today.

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P. +1 (512) 656-0946


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