Flowbuilt is about the mass production of superized, (term needs inventing), best describing the superior protective masonry structures or future elements that can last and last, and last some more. The 2x4 is the element most used today and so will remain in the future. Flowbuilt is for providing a curving 2x4 created to protect the wooden one from the sun and weather. Flowbuilt designs create an exoskeleton to protect the 2x4 that constructs the interior within.

 A 60' diameter ball suspended within a 70' diameter Flowbuilt Pavilion.

Future Structures

"The Ball"

Buckminster Fuller never had his Geodesic Dome suspended until now. "The Ball" Pavillion has seven legs with the eighth removed for the front to open. The crown is a framework in copper-clad triangular tubing to weather green. A larger spherical screen can be attached for projection performances. Lighting of all kinds can be configured. A sound system designed to float as well with the Dome, left open beneath for effect.

Concrete columns should have highly detailed reliefs.



Hour Glass House

Flowbuilt + ICF's

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P. +1 (512) 656-0946

E. Lorin@flowbuilt.com

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